About Us

BJM Engineering Services was formed in 1990 with the objective of providing personalised services for businesses.
Today through organic growth, we are able to support a far greater range of clients including Multi-Nationals.


BJM employ a total of 30 people between the two divisions and operate a fleet 20 vehicles.
Our teams of Telecom & Electrical Technicians work where required around the clock 7 days a week to meet our customers’ requirements.

The BJM concept of Customer Service excellence is paramount. It is achieved through clear and pro-active communications through all levels of the business, with emphasis placed on long-term partnerships with suppliers and clients.
As a result of our focus on client relationships, we obtain over sixty percent of our work from our existing client base.

Service Delivery

All of our designs start with a visit from one of our trained Project Managers so we can gain a full understanding of your requirements. We will initially map out your existing or new proposed network and make step by step recommendations on how we can improve or implement your new network services. In all cases a quotation will be produced to provide you with a detailed specification, stating all deliverables and the timescale to achieve project completion.

If you are looking for a large network refurbish, but don’t have the budget we can plan a staged approach which will allow you to build your network over a set period of time. By planning and agreeing on a long term strategy for the future of your network, we can look to provide the correct solution for you and your business.